Merzouga Excursion (Night in Desert)

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The Merzouga excursion is a short trip in the desert, Lovers Morocco Tours, makes it easy for you what is difficult, ride a camel, take pictures in the desert, overnight in the camp, or even visit the nomads and desert oases, you can stay in a luxury or ordinary camp, according to your desire, read more on the itinerary book and contact us if you have any other questions.

Transport Professional guide
Accommodation Breakfast, lunch, & dinner


Merzouga Excursion

Lovers Morocco Tours offers a one-day excursion in the Merzouga desert, you can park your car at the hotel before riding a camel to cross the sea of ​​sand (Erg Chebbi), watch the sunset before reaching the camp, a cup of mint tea is served as a Moroccan hospitality, dinner, breakfast, overnight at The camp, in the morning you wake up to enjoy the view of the sunrise from the side of the borders of Morocco and Algeria, after breakfast you are taken to the hotel by camel or a 4×4 car, or if you can spend the rest of the day in Merzouga, you can explore life more in the desert by visiting the family of the nomads Residents of the area and the most famous oases of Merzouga, which are located between the sand dunes, formed due to the proximity of groundwater, we take you by camel or 4×4 car, you can have a local lunch with stuffed bread, Berber pizza, as others call it, and Moroccan salad.


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